Mr Modi’s report card

We cannot understand the true situation with just some random facts.

The author analyses Mr Modi’s performance in Gujarat in the following article –


India’s investigative agencies.

India’s investigative agencies are very much in news now but fair are they ? The author analyses this in

A prophet of free economy

A tribute to a visionary who realized much before a crisis that we were on the wrong track.

The birth of a nation represents sheer potential. Potential in terms of an unwritten future, that could go in any direction. The blank pages of history wait to be filled… with overlying goals, structure and the freedom to decide how to achieve the goals. When India became independent, it was faced with three economic models.

These models where the outcomes of the visionaries that stood behind them. The Gandhian model focused on village economies and ‘trusteeship,’ the Bombay plan advocated total government regulation, especially in capital goods and manufacturing, and the Nehruvian model based on pure socialism minus private enterprise.

No prizes for guessing which model India ultimately chose.


Better Governance through the use of IT

Many times, we feel that IT is only for software professionals or the corporate sector. Actually, IT is a tool that can be used for good governance also.

Decades of neglect through too little investment in urban infrastructure and decaying systems of service delivery with growing inefficiency and petty corruption have brought things to such a pass that incremental solutions do not work.

In such a situation, IT offers tremendous opportunities for leapfrogging in service delivery in a transparent and accountable manner.

A number of Indian cities have implemented e-governance in some form or another.



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