EmpoweringIndia.org,  a platform created on the Internet that allows citizens and civil society groups to access data about their elected representatives, and state and parliamentary level constituencies. This data can be used towards various ends, beginning with making informed choices about which candidate to cast your vote for, to holding the elected representatives and the political parties in your constituency accountable for the deliverables that they have promised in the elections. Currently, EmpoweringIndia.org consists of data pertaining to the financial assets of candidates who have contested assembly elections in different states in India and information concerning the revised delimitations for constituencies in the states. This data is being used to arrive at various kinds of analyses that are eventually useful for individual citizens and for organizations working in the sphere of governance. Our ambition is to continuously add more information that citizens and grassroots groups will find useful in a variety of ways, eventually fostering a more democratic, accountable and transparent polity.

To know more, go to www.EmpoweringIndia.org


In Defence of Liberty, a portal  on ideas of individual freedom, from India and the world. It strives to  compile liberal perspectives on contemporary issues. It also carries news  and views of Liberty Institute, and its partner network.

To know more, go to http://www.indefenceofliberty.org

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