Will AAP prove to be good ?

“Providing effective governance is no rocket science.” That’s what Aam Aadmi founder Arvind Kejriwal told ET when congratulated for changing the political discourse in the country.

But now that AAP has agreed to form the government in Delhi with Congress support, it will have to put that to test. Providing effective governance might not be rocket science but it will need a special escape velocity to get out of opposition mode, a role that AAP succeeded in spectacularly even before it was ever elected to anything.

It is undeniable AAP has shaken up politics as we know it. Even President Pranab Mukherjee commented that “participatory democratic movements like Anna Hazare’s” had added a “new dimension” to India’s democratic structure. Mukherjee went off his prepared text to recall that during the Lokpal movement he had been asked to head a group of ministers for talks with Anna. The old order went this way – people chose their representatives who then made laws and implemented them. That is no longer the only way forward, Mukherjee said. Now activists or NGOs can demand a legislation, “insist that you work to adopt a particular model.”


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  1. Bitter Truth ?

    A Sanskrit saying goes ,

    ” Do not speak untruth , even if sweet

    Do not speak sweet , if untrue

    Only speak what is both true and sweet

    Never speak bitter truth ”

    But when Kumar Vishwash says ,

    ” I will tell the bitter truth ” ,

    he expresses the anguish / suffering of , not only the people of Delhi but of entire India

    He is saying ,

    ” While offering unconditional support , Congress has no love lost for AAP

    Their single point agenda is to keep BJP out of power

    And it is no different with BJP ”

    What Congress and BJP seem to have failed to realize is ,

    ” AAP does not need anybody’s support

    People of Delhi have chosen to bypass them and have given AAP , a
    conditional support – based on conditions contained in AAP manifesto ”

    Despite such loud and clear message , Rahul Gandhi has failed to firmly tell Maharashtra CM , Prithviraj Chavan to accept Adarsh Scam Report and initiate actions against those found guilty of misusing their positions

    May be RaGa does not want the bitter truth to come out in the courts !

    So much for his trying to take credit for Lokpal Bill !

    Will Anna now demand, Maharashtra’s toothless Lok Ayukta to initiate proceedings against those allegedly involved in Adarsh Scam / Irrigation Scam / Sale-of-Sugar Mills scams ?


    By keeping quiet , will Anna enable another Kumar Vishwash to rise in Mumbai ?

    May be a Mayank Gandhi ( MaGa ) ?

    In 2014, will it be RaGa Vs NaMo ?

    Or , will it be , RaGa Vs MaGa ?

    * hemen parekh ( 21 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )


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